Product User Guide

    • What can I do if being told registration code is invalid?

      Please confirm whether the registration code you have matches the version you like to activate. If answer is yes, please check the spelling of the code. We recommend customers copy the code directly from email and paste it into the blank, because the code usually too long to retype.

    • If I place a wrong order, what should I do?

      If customers carelessly place a wrong order, they could apply refund on PayPal as long as registration code has been used.

    • If I purchase the multiple users code, can I get some discount?

      If you make a bulk purchase, you are able to get discount, please contact our support team to acquire detailed information.

    • What If I didn't receive the registration code after I paid?

      Our responding time is 6 hours which means customers will receive registration code at most 6 hours later than payment. Usually we will immediately send registration code after receiving payment confirmation, so please check your email for PayPal shopping carefully, especially spam email box to see if code has been sent there. If registration code still can't be found, please contact our support team.

    • How can I buy codes for multiple users?

      Generally speaking, single customer usually buy single code for 1 PC use, if you would like to buy codes for multiple users, you could choose business page to buy standard or pro codes for 5 users.

    • How can I get registration code after I pay?

      You should pay attention to the email you use to shop on PayPal. After you pay the bill, we will send corresponding registration code to the email which you told PayPal.

    • Why was I required to register the software even after I had already fill in the registration code?

      If you were required register software twice, please check whether the registration code you used matches the version you want to register. What I mean is that you probably registered the software with standard code, but some advanced function require pro version registration. Or perhaps you need to register standard version software up to pro version by update code. The other reason could be that the code you used has expired. Because some of our codes sent to customers have expiration. If the code has expired, you probably have to repurchase a valid code.

    • Can watermark on the file be erased?

      Yes, watermark is measure to protect Anniesoft intangible rights. If software you use is trial version, watermark will be stamped after you edit with the software. But don't worry about it, you can erase watermark by update trial version to standard or upper version.

    • How many times 1 registration code can be used?

      1 registration code can only be used once in 1 PC. If you want to install software in different devices, you might have to buy more codes or enter the business page to carry out multiple purchases.

    • Why do I always fail to register?
      • 1. Make sure the software download from our official website: Anniesoft Official Website
      • 2. Make sure your computer is connect to internet.
      • 3. Restart program again.
      • 4. Use entire code (from "beginning" to "end") to register.
      • 5. Make sure you didn't use this registration code on another computer.
      • 6. If you need install upgrade code, you need register standard version first.
    • Why the Software became unregistered after I succeeded to register it?

      That's perhaps because the registration code you bought has expired, you probably need to use another valid registration code to activate software.

    • How can I change language?

      If you want to change language of the software, you need to reinstall the software. Please uninstall the software first, and install it again, you will find language settings at the install process for you to edit.

    • How should I do if the software cannot be installed correctly all the time?

      Please make sure you download the software from official website first. And if you have installed the same software before, please make sure you have already completely uninstalled it. After you thoroughly delete the same software that you installed before, we could ensure you be able to install our product that was downloaded from official website correctly.

    • How to uninstall software?

      Please right click our product's icon to find software's position, and find "unins000", and execute it, software will be automatically uninstalled from your PC. Or you can choose to delete the software from control panel.