Product User Guide

  • About RemyFone

    RemyFone is a kind of rebooting tool developed to provide solutions for iOS users to fix their iOS devices. There are totally 2 modes for you to utilize, Standard Mode and Pro Mode.

    The Standard Mode is designed to be able to fix the iOS devices from troubles stated above. However, completely restoring your device back to factory mode will erase all the data in your device. It still can fix your device back to normal function.

    However, sometimes the Standard Mode doesn't perfectly satisfy your demands due to important or confidential data loss. The Pro Mode is provided for you to restore your device with all your data intact. You will have your device recovered to how it's used to be.

  • Download and Installation

    Anniesoft provide download service at website:, you could easily find the download link there. After downloading the software, double click the program and installation will be automatically completed. The only thing you need to do is following step-by-step instructions to finishing installation

  • General View

    Now let me introduce these 2 modes one by one, but before we talk about specific usage, I would like to show you the interface of RemyFone. It's quite simple and user-friendly. The built-in functionalities depends on what kind of version do you choose.

    Please be kindly informed that your device will be updated to the latest version of iOS system, jailbroken iOS device system will be recovered to official released version and locked device by password will be unlocked by removing password after completing recovering process.

  • Registration

    1. Trial

    The software you download first time should be a trial version with watermark stamped after modification.

    2. Standard Version

    The Standard Version of VivPDF is officially licensed version which contains core functions of the editor. You might have to purchase the registration code by clicking the "Buy Now" button.

    3. Pro. Version

    The Pro. Version is advanced version which contains some higher functionalities than standard version of VivPDF, such as converter and OCR functions. You may acquire this version by purchasing Pro. Version registration code directly or upgrade the existing standard version with update code.

    4. Activation

    First you have to obtain a registration code, then run the VivPDF, click "Help" at top toolbar, and select "Install Key", there will appear a pop-up window. Fill your registration code into the blank and click "Register", you will complete the process after see the page with words "Registration succeeded"

  • Use Std mode to restore iOS system with erase data

    Step 1. You should connect your device with your PC installed with RemyFone, and launch the RemyFone, choose the Standard Mode. You will be prompted by system to get your device into DFU or recovery mode to launch the recovering process.

    Step 2. Prepare your device with DFU or recovery mode.

    1. Then let me teach you how to get your device into DFU. Click "Start" to activate count down, and you have to put your device into DFU or recovery mode, long press both power/lock button and home button for around 10 seconds, then release the power/lock button meanwhile keep holding home button for another 5 seconds. If the screen stays black and RemyFone goes to the next step, your device is supposed to be in DFU mode, otherwise you have to try the procedure above again, or shift to get your device into recovery mode.

    2. Let me tell you how to get your device into recovery mode. With the device connected with your PC, long press both power/lock and home button simultaneously, don't release them even when you see Apple logo appears. Keep pressing both buttons until you see the icon meaning connect to iTunes on your device's screen. Please be aware that if RemyFone doesn't go to the next process, even after icon "connect to iTunes" appears. You may have to contact Apple store, because you probably meet a hardware problem.

    Step3. Download firmware

    After you get your device into DFU mode or recovery mode, the next thing you have to do is download firmware. RemyFone will inspect the device automatically, and download the latest version of iOS for system recovery. Please notice that if RemyFone cannot inspect device and fails to download firmware, please select the right device model manually and complete firmware download.

    Step 4. System recovery

    After downloading firmware, please launch the system recovery, press "Fixing System Now", then keep device untouched until the process ends. Finally, you have to check whether system has been recovered successfully or not, which is all determined by whether the device is able to start or not. If the device is able to start and work normally, you have rescued your device successfully. Otherwise, you have to try above steps again.

    Pay attention that the device will be restore back to factory mode, data that used to be stored during you were using it will be erased, iOS system will be updated to latest version officially released by Apple company and the device locked by password will also be unlocked for any access

  • Use Pro mode to restore iOS system with data retained

    Pro Mode maybe the perfect approach which you could apply, because Pro Mode recovery could not only recover your device to normal function but also retain data that used to be in your device. Choose the "Pro Mode" to restore your device from malfunctioning, the recovery preparation and steps are similar to Standard Mode.

    Step 1. Connect your device with your PC running RemyFone

    Step 2. Prepare your device into DFU or recovery mode.

    Or prepare your device into recovery mode

    Step 3. Download Corresponding firmware

    Step 4. Restore iOS system without data loss

    Please kindly informed that if recovery failed, please try again. If you fail to recover your device with Pro Mode several times, you probably have to restore your device with standard mode. This will clean your device with erasing all the data and completely get your device back to factory mode. It may be due to some serious damage to your device causing restore without data loss impossible.