PDF as a document format can not only deal with text but also carry images such as pictures, diagrams and icons etc., which extremely enriches PDF's showing ability. So how to insert images into PDF files becomes a big issue in many PDF users.

Add Image to PDF

Have you ever wanted to insert pictures to a PDF document to enrich presentation content and increase the expressing power of your PDF file, or even sometimes you probably try to add watermarks to every page of your PDF document. Then the following passage introduces details of how to insert an image to a PDF document.

Insert An Image to PDF with VivPDF

Document: PDF document where needs to insert image

Image: image materials ready to be inserted

Tool: simple PDF editor(VivPDF Editor is recommended)

Download URL: PDF editor download

Registration: Acquire registration code for free

After preparation, be ready to follow the instructions to insert image to PDF file.

We need to prepare images that you want to insert to PDF file. And we also need a PDF editor to help us complete the task.

Anniesoft PDF Editor

Here we recommend you to use VivPDF to add images to PDF, because VivPDF is a simple but smart software which is able to edit PDF files easily and quickly. Specific method to acquire software and registration code will be introduced later.

  • Launch VivPDF and Open File

    To launch VivPDF, double click the VivPDF's shortcut icon on the desktop. Click "File" and select "Open" to load file from local.

    Open PDF Files in PDF Editor
  • Open Right Tool-bar

    Click "Edit" in the main menu on the top, call out the tool bar from the right side.

    Edit PDF Text
  • Add Images

    Choose "Add Images" in the tool bar, then choose the images which you want to insert to the PDF document from pop-up window.

    Insert Image to PDF Files
  • Adjustment

    Drag the image by mouse to place where you want it be, and adjust the size to suit the environment. It needs user's patience to get the best result of image adding.

    Insert Images and Adjustment

    This process may involve many problems, for example, how should we conciliate the confliction between text and image. Concerning this issue, please refer to another article "How to Coordinate Text and Images"

  • Save your File

    please save the changes before you close the program.

    There are 2 ways to save, Click "File" to choose "Save" to save document with covering the original document.

    Add Picture into PDF

    Choose "Save As" to save document with retaining original document, keep these 2 files separately, therefore after clicking "Save As", you have to choose a place to save the new document.

    Insert Picture into PDF

The work is done, easy, isn't it? There are still many usages about VivPDF. For example, if you would like to add image such as company logo into every page of PDF file, you could realize the function by adding watermark. If you would like to learn the detailed instruction, please refer to another article: "Adding Company Logo to Every Page of PDF File by Watermark Function"

Besides, VivPDF's function of adding image supports almost all formats of image, such as Jpg, Tiff, Bmp and Png, which satisfies different user's diversified demands.

Brief Introduction to VivPDF

VivPDF was developed for professional PDF users, simple and smart PDF editor, VivPDF only takes 14 MB to be installed in your PC, and download and installation process only take 2 minutes to complete.

And most of all, Anniesoft now is carrying out a campaign to distribute free registration code to the customer who visits our website: www.anniesoft.com/giveaway, it's virtually a wonderful chance to try this exquisite PDF editor, VivPDF. For more information about acquisition of free registration code, please refer to another article in our website: "Get PDF Editor Registration Code for Free"

Insert picture to PDF Document with Adobe Acrobat

Another advanced but complicated method to add images to PDF files with Adobe Acrobat

However, there are many different ways to add images into PDF files with other tools, Acrobat DC developed by Adobe Company is another way available to choose.

The way of inserting images to PDF files with Acrobat DC is very similar to that with VivPDF, let's add pictures to PDF file with Adobe Acrobat step by step

  • Launch Adobe Acrobat

    Open PDF file with Adobe Acrobat.

    Acrobat Insert Image to PDF
  • Open Right Tool-bar

    Click "Tools" to activate tool bar where there are many editing options available.

    Acrobat Insert Image to PDF
  • Click "Add Image" Button

    Press "Add Image" to call out pop-up window, it will prompts you to choose the image you would like to add to PDF document.

    Acrobat Insert Image to PDF
  • Insert Images and Adjustment

    Adjust image's position, size and direction until it fits the text and the environment.

    Acrobat Insert Image to PDF
  • Save PDF File

    Please remember to save your changes after adding images into PDF file.

    Acrobat Insert Image to PDF

To insert an image to a PDF document is a very basic operation of editing PDF. There are a number of ways to achieve it. Acrobat DC charges fees every month which probably quite raises your cost of doing paperwork in the long run, though VivPDF provides quicker solution and the more cost-efficient way than Adobe does. If you have any question about our product please contact with support team of Anniesoft without hesitation, we always provide our customers product and service of high-quality.