PDF is a very popular file format across the platforms due to its dramatic merits in content displaying and file delivering abilities among various file formats especially on internet. However, PDF's demerits also come from these features. The biggest demerits for users among them is supposed that PDF files are hard to edit. So it's quite urgent for light PDF users to find a tool to edit PDF files for free.

Edit PDF File for Free

Sometimes you're happened to deal with a PDF which needs a little change, it's just awkward to choose either to retype the content of PDF file to other editable platform or purchase license of PDF editor on the internet with high expense. Now, a PDF editor with long free trial period is available for these users who need to edit PDF files for free sometimes.

Overview of Various PDF Editors on the internet

As a newbie netizen, how many kinds of PDF editors would he contact on the internet? There are roughly 4 kinds of PDF software he would contact. I would like to introduce them one by one.

1. Adobe Reader-Not Real Editor but merely Free Reader

Edit PDF File for Free

There are Adobe reader and Foxit reader etc. available for PDF users to read PDF document but not allow these users to edit PDF document. Sometimes you can execute very limited changes to some features just to improve reading experience, but when you close the document it turns back to former status, not even mention other complicated editing.

2. Nitro-True Editor but not for Free

Edit PDF File for Free

Almost all the editors on the internet belong to this group, such as Nitro, SodaPDF, Foxit, Adobe Acrobat etc. These PDF editors charge fees from users to edit PDF for purchasing license in different level, ranging from 1 year, 1 month to even one-off usage.

3. PDFescape-Online PDF editor with Use Restrictions

Edit PDF File for Free

PDFescape is a famous example in this group. Users can edit PDF documents by uploading PDF files onto the webpage, and edit PDF through a set of tools embedded in the webpage interface. However, PDFescape has more limits on editing functions. For example, it limits users to edit PDF file no more than 100 pages or no bigger than 10MB, sometimes it cause a lot of trouble to users who need to modify a large amount of PDF documents.

4. VivPDF-Real PDF editor for free

Edit PDF File for Free

There is such kind of PDF editor allow users to have it licensed for free even though valid is only for a certain period of time, usually not more than 1 year. VivPDF is just such kind of PDF editor which literally allows users to edit PDF for free. VivPDF also wants users to try its product through free editing, users could fully consider whether to purchase VivPDF's official versions during the whole year. If user seldom treats PDF documents, then he could avoid of paying for only using PDF editor few times. If user was satisfied with VivPDF's functionalities, he could update free version to any other official versions through purchasing corresponding license on VivPDF's store website any time he wants.

> > Go to upgrade payment page.

Sounds perfect, isn't it? Well, let's see how to acquire the free registration code to activate VivPDF for 1 year license.

Brief Introduction to VivPDF

VivPDF is a simple but powerful PDF editor on the market. It has all functions which are commonly used in the PDF editing including create or open files, convert PDF into various document formats, insert text, image or links, edit pages insert pages, crop, rotate or split pages, add header and footer, background and watermark, secure documents with password, sign or add comments on the PDF files. Although the application itself is very small, and it will take little time to download and little space to save in your PC, VivPDF is virtually provides service to new users to edit PDF for free trial.

You can enjoy almost all the functions in the VivPDF by registering trial version with free registration code except convert and OCR which are only provided in VivPDF's pro version.

Get free PDF editor installed in your PC

  • Download & Install VivPDF

    Download VivPDF's program from: Anniesoft's Official Website. Please pay attention that VivPDF now is only a trial version, it will stamp watermarks on every page of PDF document after any changes. As other PDF editor's trial version, VivPDF's trial version also cannot help users edit PDF for free.

    Install PDF Editor
  • Logon Giveaway Pages

    Log onto the website where Anniesoft distributes free registration code: Acquire Registration Code.

    PDF Editor Giveaway
  • Acquire Registration Code

    Step 3. Fill in your very basic personal information to get a free registration code, here only needs user to provide his name and email address where the registration code will be sent.

    PDF Editor Giveaway
  • Register VivPDF to standard version with registration code.

    Please run VivPDF and click "Help" on the top menu bar to release the cascade menu, and select "Install Key", then there will appear a pop-up window for user to fill in the registration code. Since the registration code is quite long, it's highly recommended to copy and paste the whole code into the blank lest mistakes would occur.

    Register Anniesoft PDF Editor
  • Editing PDF Files Freely

    It turns to the webpage prompting users that registration has been successfully completed if the registration code was correctly input into the blank in the "Install Key" box. Then users have a literally and totally free PDF editor to edit PDF documents.

    Edit PDF File for Free

Among all the free and so-called free PDF editors, only VivPDF truly provides PDF users free chance to edit PDF files without limits.