PDF format is often used by businessmen

In today’s business environment, PDF files are usually used to carry important information between business parties because PDF’s better confidentiality and steady layout. You may write a passage in Word and then need to send it to business partners in PDF format, or you scout a wonderful website and need to save it as PDF in your device, the problem is that you have no idea how to save these files as PDF format. Now let’s see how to save Word and website as PDF files.

Save Word as PDF File

Word 2007 or versions below has no such function to save Word as PDF. From Word 2010 Microsoft Office added a new function to Microsoft Word to save files as PDF format, however, Word 2007 and versions below also can achieve this function by downloading corresponding update patch.

  • Open Microsoft and click “File”

    Open Microsoft Word document and find “File” tab on the top menu, then click it.

    Save File As PDF
  • Click “Save As” option

    You will shift to the menu list after click “File” tab on the top menu bar.

    Save File As PDF
  • Click “Browse” icon and choose a place to save file as PDF

    Click “Browse” icon, and choose a folder to save file as PDF format. And remember to change “Save as type” into “PDF”, and press “Save” button.

    Save File As PDF

You will get a PDF file converted from Microsoft Word through this process.

Save website as PDF Document

There are many ways to save website as PDF, such as screenshot, save as html format, share the website address or save in browser favorites. However, there methods are still not so convenient to send or share the website content to others who would be interested. Now I would like to give you a tip on how to save website as PDF.

In order to save website content directly as PDF file, you may need a Microsoft Edge. This is a very popular explorer. It may be installed in your PC together with the Windows system.

  • Select menu “…” at the top menu bar

    Find and click the “…”at the right top corner of Microsoft Edge IE. Drop-down menu will be released, you could find “Print” function in the drop-down menu, and you should click it.

    Save File As PDF
  • Choose options of output

    You should first choose output format as PDF. And choose other options according to your needs. Press “Print” button at the bottom after you make all settings.

    Save File As PDF
  • Save the printed PDF file

    Printed out PDF file should be saved in a proper folder in your PC. Choose a folder from the pop-up window and click “Save” button.

    Save File As PDF

Now, you have a webpage saved as a PDF file in your PC.


Here are 2 situations that we could save file as PDF, if you have any more questions about how to save other formats of files as PDF, please contact Anniesoft to share your questions, we can discuss the answer to the problem together.