Delete PDF pages without expense

PDF document carries much information that is hard to edit, including some unwanted pages such as advertisement pages, duplicate pages and error pages. And even sometimes users have no needs to edit the content of PDF page but delete the entire page. However it is actually difficult to find a free way to delete PDF pages. What’s more, all the PDF editing tools in the market are software charging fees, so today I will introduce you a method to delete PDF pages without payment.

Actually, removing pages from PDF file is a kind of easy operation, if you only use it once in a while, you could apply for trial license with a short period valid of major brand editors. Let’s take VivPDF as an example, we can get a registration code for free at Anniesoft’s website:

Delete PDF pages with VivPDF

Material: PDF document needs to delete some pages

Tool: PDF editor (VivPDF is recommended)

Download URL: PDF editor download

  • Open PDF with VivPDF

    Run VivPDF, and open PDF file that needs to remove pages with VivPDF.

    Delete PDF Pages
  • Press tab “Pages”

    Press “Pages” on the top menu to release the submenu from the right side, and you could find option “Delete” in the submenu.

    Delete PDF Pages
  • Click option “Delete”

    Click “Delete” to set which pages need to be deleted in the setting box. Use comma to connect separate page numbers, and use dash to connect successive page numbers.

    Delete PDF Pages
  • Save changes

    You have already removed the page you wish successfully, the final step you should take is to save the change you made to the PDF file, through tab “File”. You could choose to save PDF file to cover the original one or save the PDF file as a whole new file in another place in your PC.

    Delete PDF Pages

Using Adobe readers to Remove pages from PDF Files

Except applying for PDF editor’s trial version, there is another method to remove pages from PDF file for free. Actually, we can delete pages by making use of Adobe reader’s printing function. Let’s how to realize it step by step.

Material: PDF document needs to remove some pages

Tool: Adobe reader

  • Download Adobe Reader and open PDF

    Download Adobe Reader from the Adobe Company’s website, it’s very easy to find download address at Adobe’s homepage, and it’s totally free to download PDF reader.

    Delete PDF Pages
  • Run Adobe Reader and upload the PDF file

    Run Adobe Reader and open the PDF file that needs some pages to be removed.

    Delete PDF Pages
  • Input printing pages you want

    Then we could utilize printing function to remove the pages you don’t want. Click print icon and input page numbers you want to retain according to the rules after you confirm which pages you like to delete. For example, we would like to remove page 6 which is blank page, then we should input page numbers like this: 1-5, 7, 8 as shown in the picture.

    Delete PDF Pages
  • Print out PDF document

    Set printing type as “Adobe PDF” after “Printer” tab, and press “Print” button at the bottom of the window.

    Delete PDF Pages

    And a window pops up to prompt you to choose a folder to save the new PDF file, after select a new folder for the PDF file, you will get the PDF file without the pages you don’t want in the designated folder.

    Delete PDF Pages

See, it’s easy to delete pages from the PDF file with Adobe Reader, isn’t it? But the demerit of this method would be the PDF file should consist of a small quantity of pages, because it’s quite tough to input pages numbers under these 2 circumstances: PDF file contains too many pages or too many pages need to be removed. So the best solution is to delete pages from PDF file with VivPDF. I hope the passage would help you in this issue a lot, and any more questions are welcomed, please share your opinion with us generously.