People have needs in editing PDF files in Windows 10

Although it has been a quite long time since Microsoft released Windows 10, it’s Supposed that many of you still couldn’t use the new system skillfully, I would like to talk about something about PDF editing under the circumstance of new system. To modify contents in PDF file is never an easy job, but today I want to introduce everyone a very useful tool to edit PDF documents in windows 10. VivPDF is a simple but smart software which helps you to edit PDF documents easily and quickly. It’s designed with simple operation, user-friendly interface, free trial of core functions, various fillable templates complying with different business requirements and life-long service for users.

Edit PDF Files in Windows 10

How to edit PDF files with VivPDF in Windows 10

VivPDF is strongly recommended for users to edit PDF easily and quickly

Edit PDF Files in Windows 10

Materials: PDF document needs to be edited

Tool: VivPDF is recommended

Download URL: PDF editor download

  • Open PDF file with VivPDF

    Run VivPDF, and open PDF document which needs to be edited with it.

    Edit PDF Files in Windows 10
  • Choose “Edit” tab

    Choose “Edit” tab in the top menu bar, and then a submenu bar will appear from the right side

    Edit PDF Files in Windows 10
  • Editing

    There are different subemenu for users to edit text, images, font and links. Let’s take font as an example.

    Users could change word’s font, size and color. And they also could make words italicized. They can change Words’ arrangement format according to their needs. And most importantly, they can adjust space between row, column and words next to each others.

    Edit PDF Files in Windows 10
  • Save the change

    Please remember to save the changes all you did to the PDF document. However, every time before users close the program, they will be reminded to select whether to save the changes.

    Edit PDF Files in Windows 10

Brief introduction to editing PDF with Adobe Acrobat pro

Adobe Company is the leading company of the industry, it also provides PDF editor containing comprehensive functionalities. It’s Adobe Acrobat, then let’s see how to use Adobe Acrobat to edit PDF files.

  • Open PDF with Adobe Acrobat

    Open PDF files with Adobe Acrobat through “File” tab or shortcut entrance to open PDF files which have been opened recently.

    Edit PDF Files in Windows 10
  • Activate tool bar

    Press “Tools” on the top menu to activate the tool bar where there are many tabs such as pages, forms and interactive objects for users to choose.

    Edit PDF Files in Windows 10
  • Release “Content Editing” tab

    Please find “Content Editing” and press it to release the submenu to make content modifications.

    Press any of them to launch the corresponding pop-up window or sub tool bar to make changes and settings.

    Edit PDF Files in Windows 10

    Let’s take “Edit Text & Images” as an example. When you press “Edit Text & Images”, you will see the sub tool bar released at the bottom of the tab span, it’s similar properties of texts to that in VivPDF’s menu.

    Edit PDF Files in Windows 10
  • Save the changes

    It’s also the same step as in VivPDF’s lesson. You should save it to keep the changes you made to the PDF files before you close the Adobe Acrobat.

    Edit PDF Files in Windows 10

Ok, did you make clear how to edit PDF documents with PDF editor? If you would like to learn the detailed methods to edit text or images, please refer to our other passages which explain the detailed process of how to edit PDF text or images with VivPDF editor.

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Basically, the simple changes of the content are quite same in process among different PDF editors, however, VivPDF is easier to use and quicker to complete the task. The most of all, VivPDF is quite affordable PDF editors in the market. Please choose the most beneficial products according to your needs. If you have any more questions about VivPDF, please contact with Anniesoft, our technical support team is willing to solve the problems concerning to the PDF files.