Since text and image are the basic elements which consist PDF file, it’s eager desire to have a professional tool to insert them into PDF files. Today we would like to introduce 2 popular PDF editing tools which are excel in adding text to PDF.

Add Text into PDF

VivPDF is a Simple but Smart PDF Editor to Add Text to PDF Files

There are many kinds of PDF editing tools in the market. How should we choose a right one to help our paperwork in the daily business? Inputting texts is very easy and quick operation with editor, I suggest you guys use VivPDF, because it's a simple but professional PDF editing tool. VivPDF is quite small capacity with concise interface and simple operation. You can obtain the program from site: Anniesoft Official Website.

  • Download and Register VivPDF.

    Follow the instructions stated above, you should have VivPDF downloaded in your PC and get free activation code in your hand, the method to acquire free registration code will be explained later. Ok, run VivPDF find the "Help" in the top toolbar, click to release the dropdown menu, you could see "Install Key", then click it and fill the registration code in the blank in the pop-up window. Press "Register" button, you will see the webpage with words: Registration Succeeded! Congratulations, now you have a standard version of VivPDF, you can start to insert texts freely now.

    Add Text into PDF

    Download URL: PDF editor download

  • Add Text to PDF

    Run the standard version of VivPDF, upload the PDF file where you want to add texts. Then click "Edit" in the toolbar on the top. Then you will see the menu panel appears at the right side. Choose "Add Text" option at the "Content Editing" submenu area. And move the cursor to the place where you want to add the texts, then you can start to input your words. You can also do the settings in the "Format" box. You can choose the font type, color, size and paragraph layout. Just like typing words in Microsoft Word. Although the simplicity is similar, the procedures are different. Actually, you have to create a text box before text inputting every time. It sounds a little inconvenient, but in fact, it's a very flexible text adding method.

    For example, if you want to add words, let's say signature, above the underline, you don't have to input words directly after the existing text, because it would look too compact between new text and underline. You could choose to create a text box elsewhere, add text in the box, and drag the text box to where you want it be. As for the example above, the text box should be placed slightly above the underline not contacting, which makes the signature look very natural and pleasing.

    Insert Text into PDF

    The adding method could also be applied to add text on picture or graph. The method to create a text box in advance is quite suitable for this. Create a text box on the picture or graph where you want to insert text, and input words to make remarks. Concerning to the method of adding pictures, please refer to the passage: How to Insert Images into PDF ?

  • Save File

    After inputting and editing all the texts, you should save the file. Choose "File" on the top menu bar, select "Save" to cover the original file or choose "Save As" to remain original document and save edited document elsewhere. Or you could still click X at the top right corner to close the program, then the edited file will be automatically saved to cover the original one.

    Add Text into PDF
  • Obtain Free Registration Code

    As stated above, users could realize function of insert texts totally free. Anniesoft Company now is distributing free registration code for VivPDF's standard version to anyone who visits our webpages: Free Giveaway for PDF Editor, the registration code distributed to customers expires in 1 year, you only have to provide very basic personal information to our website, then system will send you a free registration code for VivPDF's standard version to the email you filled in the blank on the website. And all you have to do next is follow the instruction of installation above to activate the trial version you download before, then you will have rights to use most functions of VivPDF without stamped watermark. Please enjoy VivPDF's functionalities as much as possible during the free period. If you feel our product is worthwhile purchasing, please support Anniesoft's software.

    Add Text into PDF
  • Add Text to PDF with Adobe Acrobat

    Since PDF format was created by Adobe Company, Adobe is supposed to know every detailed features of PDF document. So does the software developed by Adobe Company. Adding texts in PDF files, a basic modification of PDF, is piece of cake for Adobe Acrobat, a PDF editor developed by Adobe Company.

    Add Text into PDF

    Open PDF file in Adobe Acrobat, and click "Tools" to call out the function menu from the right side. Then choose "Add text" in the dropdown menu of "Content Editing". You are able to add text wherever you place the cursor in the PDF file. Then you could modify the properties of text you added, such as font, size, color and layouts.

    Insert Text into PDF

    Then choose to save file to cover original one or save as another file to remain the original PDF file. The inserting process has been completed through Adobe Acrobat, which is very basic function of PDF editor, Adobe reader doesn't have such function for users to add text for free. If you would like to enjoy Adobe Acrobat functions, you have to pay 199USD/Month, it's very high cost to do only text adding. I recommend you to choose more cost-efficient product to cope with PDF task, I suggest VivPDF is most suitable for you to add text in PDF file.