Several PDF Editors to Add Watermark in the market

There are many PDF editors in the market able to add watermarks to PDF files. They are classified in different cost performances. Now let's check them one by one.

Adobe Acrobat

This is most famous PDF editor with comprehensive functions developed by Adobe Company. Adobe Acrobat provides professional service whereas charges highest in the industry. Adding watermark into PDF is not a complicated function which is only able to be realized by high technic software. If you purchase Adobe Acrobat for inserting watermark, you will have to pay much more for many other advanced functions which don't need to apply temporarily. In a word, it's quiet low cost-efficient to buy Adobe Acrobat to complete adding watermark process.

Add watermark into PDF with Adobe Acrobat


This is a PDF editor mainly focuses on providing online service of PDF document editing. Although it also provides function of inserting watermark on PDF files, it has many limits on using online editing service. Such as user could only edit PDF document below 10M or less than 100 pages, which makes it constrained to edit various document especially business document which is usually an enormous portfolio contains hundreds even thousands pages. After all PDFaid is not a proper editor for adding watermark.

Add watermark into PDF with PDFaid


VivPDF is a simple but smart editor to provide various PDF files editing service. VivPDF was developed by technicians having many years of software developing experience in the field. It's equipped with all mainstream functions in the industry, but charges much less than other peers. Particularly, operation of VivPDF is also easy for new users to shorten the learning curve. And it supports all kinds of windows systems and 7 languages across the world. It's very competent software able to help users treat PDF and solve documental problems with lowest expense. In conclusion, VivPDF is the best choice for users to add watermark or insert company logo into PDF document.

Add watermark into PDF with VivPDF
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