There are many PDF editors supporting conversion from PDF to PPT

If you have to deal with lots of documents in your daily work, you might be in needs of converting PDF to PPT. To realize this function, we would like to utilize popular PDF editors with various converting functions. Now, I will introduce several methods for your reference. Let’s begin with VivPDF editor, which is the PDF editor strongly recommended in today's passage.

Convert PDF into PPT

VivPDF is a professional tool to edit PDF. Of course, it also includes function of converting PDF to PPT. The converting function is quite important to users for business needs, so VivPDF also provides this function in its pro version. You can get the software at:, and download it for free, which only takes you less than 1min to download and seconds to install for its small size. However, its function doesn’t discount due to the size. It’s the best choice for ordinary PDF editor users for its cost-effective price and comprehensive functionalities. Furthermore the software supports almost all mainstream operating systems of windows in the market and 7 kinds of languages across the world.

Convert PDF to PPT

Convert PDF File into PPT with VivPDF

Materials: PDF document

Tool: VivPDF is recommended

Download URL: PDF editor download

  • Run VivPDF and upload the PDF

    Run VivPDF through clicking shortcut icon on the desktop, and upload the PDF document which needs to be converted into PPT.

    Convert PDF to PPT
  • Choose “Convert” tab

    Choose “Convert” tab, and click “To PowerPoint” option from the drop-down menu to activate converting process.

    Convert PDF to PPT
  • Check the PPT file and save

    It will take few seconds to finish converting from PDF to PPT, and then new PPT file will be opened automatically for you to check it whether there is any mistake. And after checking please do not forget to save the file in the folder.

    Convert PDF to PPT

Convert PDF to PowerPoint File with Soda PDF

SodaPDF is a professional PDF editor provider with technical team of business level support for big companies. It provides major functions of PDF editor as other competitors do. However, it charges much higher compared to VivPDF, customers should choose right product according to their actual needs

Convert PDF to PPT

Convert PDF document into PPT with Nitro Pro

Nitro Pro is another PDF editing tool provider with professional technic team support. It also provides converting function for users to convert PDF to other formats. And it allows users to edit PDF after turning into word and recovering back to PDF without format changing. And other often-used functions can also be found in Nitro’s product, in spite of high cost you may pay to the Nitro Pro.

Convert PDF to PPT

Although there are still many other PDF editors in the market, when you want to change PDF file into PPT, please reconsider your needs before you choose the most beneficial product to help complete the task.