Through some work of collecting information on the internet and summing up experience, we summarize several methods to add watermark on PDF document and some handy PDF editor to achieve the target.

Add Watermarks on PDF File

Watermark is used as an anti-fake sign of paper materials. It looks like a very light shade on the important document, even stamp, currency and some of governmental document etc. Adding watermark is quite an easy action which effectively prevents unauthorized people from changing documents content or forging fake paper materials. It's also very useful and important to insert watermark for individual users sometimes to keep document's confidentiality.

However, there are roughly 3 types of adding watermark to PDF document and several handy PDF editors recommended.

1. Adding Text Watermark to PDF Document

2. Adding Image Watermark to PDF Document

3. Adding Company Logo to Every Page of PDF File by Using Watermark Function

4. Several PDF Editors to Add Watermark in the Market

Add Watermark to PDF File with VivPDF

We've already known these types of adding watermark, but how to insert watermarks on PDF document becomes the next question. Before we learn the method, we need materials and tools. Materials are PDF document which you want to add watermark on and text or images to be added on PDF file as watermark pattern. Well, here we recommend users to insert watermarks on PDF document with VivPDF, a simple but smart PDF editor. Because it can realize all kinds of adding watermarks stated above. Now let's see the detailed steps based on using VivPDF to insert watermarks on PDF document.

Insert Watermark on PDF

Download URL: PDF editor download

Registration: Acquire registration code for free

After preparation, be ready to follow the instructions to add watermark to PDF file.

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