We sometimes trim PDF margins for better reading experience

I suppose everyone has ever met such problem during using PDF files. Some PDF page has a very large margin area which badly influences the viewing experience of PDF document. The straightforward method is to remove the PDF page. You could not only trim the margins into proper size but also remove the area where content is assumed not necessary. Considering the aesthetic needs for PDF page readers, we have to make sure the content supposed to be shown on the center of the screen, at least approximately central area. Reading an off-centered text is really a bad experience, so today we introduce an easy method to solve this problem. To trim PDF margins with PDF editor.

How to trim PDF page margins with PDF editor

Material: PDF page which needs to trim margins

Tool: VivPDF (recommended)

Download URL: PDF editor download

Obtain an easy to use PDF editor- VivPDF

Trim PDF Page

We can download VivPDF from Anniesoft website: www.anniesoft.com/pdf-editor, and install it to your PC. It only takes 14MB capacity. VivPDF is not only a small-size software but also a smart editor to streamline user’s operation as much as possible. VivPDF is almost the simplest PDF editor to use across the market.

  • Run the VivPDF, then Open the file

    Run VivPDF, and open the PDF document which needs to trim the page margins.

    Trim PDF Page
  • Choose “Pages” to release edit sub menu

    Choose tab “Pages” in the top menu to release the sub menu bar from the right side. You could find “Crop” selection under the title “Pages”

    Trim PDF Page
  • Trim the margins

    After clicking “Crop” selection, mouse will turn into a cross, drag the cross to circle the area you would like to maintain. The area outside the circle will be trimmed after editing, so you need to do it carefully.

    Trim PDF Page

    After circle the area, please double click the mouse in any position on the page. The setting box will be activated, you could edit various properties in the setting box. Such as setting distance unit and value of 4 directions, keeping page proportions constant when trimming, directly removing white margins and deciding which pages to be trimmed etc.. If you’re satisfied with the area you circled please click “OK” button directly, otherwise please press “OK” after making necessary modifications.

    Trim PDF Page
  • Save the changes

    This is ending work for trimming, please remember to save the work every time after you make any changes to the page.

    Trim PDF Page

It’s quite easy and concise to trim margins in PDF file, isn’t it? That’s also how you would feel to edit PDF files other than trimming margins with VivPDF. If you have any problems about PDF files please try to solve it with VivPDF or you could share your troubles with us on the internet, Anniesoft is always your loyal troubleshooter.