There are needs to screenshot image from PDF file

Cut Image from PDF

When people are using PDF files, they may have needs to screenshot images or some parts of page out from PDF file for othe use, such as stick it to Word or PPT, or save it as edit materials for further use. Actually we could merely use PDF reader to achieve this function. Of course, PDF editor is definitely able to complete this task professionally. However this is a very basic operation that users can do without PDF editors unless you are willing to purchase PDF editors on the market, then you may download PDF reader for free and follow our directions to screenshot images from PDF file.

Screenshot image from PDF file with Adobe Reader

Materials: PDF file needs to be screenshot images from, Blank document in Word

Tool: Adobe Reader

  • Download Adobe Reader from Adobe Company’s website

    You could easily find Adobe Reader’s download address through any kind of searching engine, and download and install it in your PC for free. However, please pay attention that Adobe reader is only the PDF reader, not PDF editor, so you couldn’t use it to change PDF properties. Then let me teach you how to screenshot images from PDF files as follows.

    Cut Image from PDF
  • Open your PDF files with Adobe reader

    After installing Adobe Acrobat Reader DC in your PC, with which you could open the PDF file.

    Cut Image from PDF
  • Click tab “Edit” and choose option “Take a Snapshot”

    Please click tab “Edit” at the top menu bar to release the drop-down menu. Now you could find there is a option “Take a Snapshot” in the menu options.

    Cut Image from PDF
  • Select the area you would like to copy

    When you click the option “Take a Snapshot”, the cursor will turn to a cross which enables you to circle an area to make a screenshot. When you finish selecting, a reminder box prompts up to inform you that selected area has been copied to the clipboard.

    Cut Image from PDF
  • Paste the image screenshot from PDF file into Word

    Now, you have the image copied in the windows clipboard, you could paste it anywhere you want. Let’s say you paste it into Word. Open Microsoft Word, and right-click mouse at where you want paste image and choose paste option to put image there. Or use Ctl+v shortcut key to paste it in the place as you wish.

    Cut Image from PDF

It’s very convenient, isn’t it? However, there are many charging software such as Adobe DC or other image editors like Photoshop and Illustrator etc. also provide various functions to screenshot images in PDF files, we can discuss merits and demerits of these solutions in other passages at Anniesoft website.