PDF users are often annoyed when they can’t rotate PDF files permanently

PDF is now a very popular document format because of its clear viewing, steady layout across various devices and platforms. It has been widely used in many areas for it has been developed for many years since it had been created decades ago. However, sometimes people may find that the PDF document they opened was reversed or in wrong direction, which largely influences PDF using experience especially when reading long passage. Sometimes, you will find the PDF which was turned back from the reversed status last time is still upside down when you open it again. That’s because you open PDF with Adobe Reader which is not PDF editor, what you changed is a just reading preferences not the properties of PDF file, therefore the reversed PDF is maintained temporarily, or only when you open it with Adobe Reader (Adobe Reader is set to remember user’s preferences). It’s quite troublesome for many PDF users. So is there any effective solution for such kind of problem? Can we rotate PDF permanently? The answer is yes. Now let me introduce you guys a simple editor to solve this trouble.

VivPDF, a smart PDF editor can be helpful

Rotate PDF

VivPDF is a simple and smart PDF editor, which is the PDF editor with concise interface and quite high cost-efficiency in the market, and it not only could solve almost all the tricky problems you might meet during dealing with PDF documents, but also has a user-friendly operation which can save you lots of time to learn how to deal with PDF materials from the beginning than any other PDF editors. Now you could download this software from Anniesoft website: www.anniesoft.com

How to rotate PDF permenantly

Materials: PDF file needs to be rotated

Tool: VivPDF (Recommended PDF editor)

Download URL: PDF editor download

  • Open PDF file with VivPDF

    Open PDF file with VivPDF, click tab “File” and select “open” to choose the PDF file you would like to upload to VivPDF from the pop-up window. There is also “Recent Document” option in the drop-down menu of “File” tab, you could select the PDF file which you have opened it with VivPDF editor recently.

    Rotate PDF
  • Choose “Pages” to release sub menu

    Choose tab “Pages” in the top menu bar, the sub menu will appear from the right side of the window. You should choose “Rotate” to active the function

    Rotate PDF
  • Make rotation settings

    You could choose the direction of rotating and which pages you like to rotate. Or you could rotate pages according their features, such as odd and even number of pages or landscape or portrait pages, it’s very convenient operation to make PDF pages consistent.

    Rotate PDF
  • Save the rotation

    After all the rotations have been completed, you could save the rotations through option “Save” under the tab “File” and keep the rotations permanently in the PDF file.

    Rotate PDF

Rotating PDF pages with PDF editor but not PDF reader is key point to rotate PDF pages permanently. In case that you couldn’t keep the rotation permanently, please check whether you use PDF editor or PDF reader. The PDF reader can only change the reading preferences which is not the property of the PDF file, so the rotation couldn’t keep permanently. Please pay attention to it next time you make any changes to the PDF document.