PDF document sometimes might be protected by password

Some PDF documents are forbidden editing, since they have been encrypted by password to protect business or personal privacy. It really causes much trouble to many PDF users. What should you do when you need to edit a PDF file while it’s encrypted by password? Well, it’s a little tricky problems which could be discussed in 2 different situations, the difficulty in removing PDF file’s password largely depends on whether you know the password or not. It’s easy to remove the password if you know the correct password, and it’s quite troublesome when password is not available, however, we could also find some way to solve the latter problem. Let’s see how to remove the PDF document’s password from the 1st situation.,

Remove PDF Password

Actually, there are basically 2 kinds of PDF encryption, one keeps users opening document, the other only prevents user editing or printing document.

Remove the password that prevents users opening PDF files.

Remove the password that prevents users printing PDF files.

Remove PDF file’s password when password is not available.


PDF document: the PDF document protected by password

Editor: PDF editor which facilitates to edit PDF (VivPDF is recommended)

Password: the series of number used to lock the PDF document

Remove the password that prevents users opening PDF files

  • Open locked PDF file with VivPDF

    Run PDF editor, VivPDF, and load PDF file which you would like to unlock. Then system will prompt you to enter password, please input the password into the blank.

    Remove PDF Password
  • Unlock the PDF file

    Click “Protection” to call out submenu tool bar from the right side, and click “Remove Security”, Press “OK” to confirm removing action.

    Remove PDF Password
  • Save the change

    Please remember to save the change of removing password, otherwise, the removing action will be failed.

Remove the password that prevents users printing PDF files

  • Open PDF file with restriction on editing and printing

    Run VivPDF, open PDF file normally with editor. It just the same operation with that of unlocked PDF file, though you cannot apply editing and printing functions.

    Remove PDF Password
  • Unlock the PDF document with password

    Click “Protection” to call out tool bar from right side, and click “Remove Security” to remove password. Then a pop-up window comes to prompt you to enter the correct password to unlock the PDF document.

    Remove PDF Password
  • Save file

    After unlocking the PDF document with correct password, you have the rights to edit the PDF document, and remember to save all changes you made during the process before closing the program, otherwise, all the changes will be lost and the PDF document will return to locked status.

Remove PDF file’s password when password is not available

Actually, there is no way straightforward to remove the password protection when the correct password is unknown. However, I could tell you a small trick to solve this problem.

For example, password might even forbid users to copy the content in PDF file. If you need to copy the content from such PDF file, you could refer to the instructions below.

Remove PDF Password
  • Open with Google Chrome

    Open the PDF document through “Google Chrome” explorer, since the document is partly protected by password, there would be no obstacles to open the file through “Google Chrome”

    Remove PDF Password
  • Print out PDF file at Chrome function bar

    Press “Print” icon at the right top of the window. Make print settings, to save the locked PDF file to another place.

    Remove PDF Password
  • Make settings

    After clicking “Print” icon, you have to make settings in the toolbar upcoming from the left.

    Remove PDF Password
  • Choose “Save as PDF” in Destination

    This is critical selection during the unlocking process, please click button “Change” after “Destination” item, and choose “Save as PDF” as printing destination.

    Remove PDF Password
  • Save PDF file

    Find a folder in your PC to save the printed PDF file.

    Remove PDF Password

Now, You have the PDF document unlocked

Find the printed PDF, you can open it through ordinary PDF editor to edit the document like ordinary PDF file. Because this printed PDF document is the one same as original PDF document except without password protection. Thus you could easily select text and copy it freely.

Remove PDF Password

To summarize, encrypting PDF file with password is a kind of measure to protect PDF content, is to protect intangible assets of owners. So it’s quite serious and strict operation, especially concerning to business confidentiality. We don’t suggest decrypting the PDF file without authorization, only if you promise to have the rights to change the content of PDF file.