There are actual needs to change PDF background transparent

PDF is widely used in various situations, not only transferred into other file formats without changing layout but also excellent in presenting and out-put printing. For dealing with PDF files is quite tricky, there must some problems occur during the PDF files treatment progress. Such as improper background color influences reading experience, stains or spots in printed PDF files and background is not transparent when opened by Photoshop. Since there are actual demands to make PDF file’s background transparent, Now, I’m writing this passage to give some tips about how to make PDF background transparent.

Make PDF Background Transparent

A simple and smart PDF editor is necessary

First, you need a PDF editor if you want to change the background color of PDF files. There are different kinds of PDF editors in the market, such as Adobe DC, Nitro, SodaPDF, PDFelement and VivPDF. Which one to choose largely depends on what functions you need. Editing background is basic function of PDF editor, the most cost-efficient way to apply the function is to use VivPDF, because VivPDF is a very simple but smart PDF editor, which could complete the task with lowest expense. You can get VivPDF at Anniesoft webpage: Download the program and purchase the registration code, standard version contains functions enough able to edit PDF files background.

Make PDF Background Transparent

How to turn the PDF background transparent

Material: PDF file needs to edit background

Tool: VivPDF (recommended PDF editor)

Download URL: PDF editor download

  • Run VivPDF to upload the PDF file

    Run VivPDF, and open the file whose background needs to edit, or directly drag the file into the program.

    Make PDF Background Transparent
  • Release the “Pages” menu

    Click “Pages” option to call out menu panel from the right side of the window.

    Make PDF Background Transparent
  • Select “Background” and choose “Update” in the drop-down menu

    Find “Background” option at “Page Design” submenu area, click it to release the drop-down menu, and choose “Update” in the drop-down menu.

    Make PDF Background Transparent
  • Set Opacity value

    Then there will be a pop-up window for users to edit the background. To change the background transparent, you may need to edit the value in “Appearance” box. Opacity indicates how deep the background color is. You can drag the scroll bar to lower the value of opacity, or directly input the value in blank behind as you wish. 0% means that the background is totally transparent, please set the value of opacity to 0% to make background of PDF file transparent.

    Make PDF Background Transparent

    Or, you could also choose “Remove” option in the drop-down menu of “Background” to directly remove the background permanently.

    Make PDF Background Transparent
  • Confirm the changes and save

    Press “OK” or “Yes” button to consent to the changes, and remember to save it before you close the program.

    Make PDF Background Transparent

There are lots of functions contained in background setting box. We could discuss them later in other passages. Please share your experience or advice with us, and pay attention to our update resource.