Why do we invert colors of content and background?

PDF is now is most widely used reading format in the market, for it provides perfect displaying effect and best reading experience across various platforms. But some users feel uncomfortable to read PDF documents, for the colors between content and its background are too similar to distinguish or too distinct to hamper eyesight. Here we could improve user’s reading experience through inverting colors between text and background. Since it’s the basic function to change display features, we can simply modify the colors of PDF via Adobe readers which you can download on internet easily and use it totally for free, however, you cannot edit PDF ‘s other properties through Adobe reader. By the way I’d like to remind users here that Adobe reader and Adobe DC are different software with totally different functions and prices. Distinct from Adobe reader, Adobe Acrobat DC is PDF editor which enable users modify or change the properties of PDF files, and furthermore Adobe Acrobat DC is charging software whose functions will be activated after payment.

Invert PDF Colors

How to improve reading experience with Adobe Reader

Material: PDF file

Tool: Adobe Reader

  • Open your PDF files with Adobe Reader

    Open PDF file with Adobe Reader, Click tab “File” and choose “Open” to pick which file to open from the pop-up window.

    Invert PDF Color
  • Choose “Preferences” from tab “Edit” drop-down menu

    Click tab “Edit” at the top menu bar to release drop-down menu, and choose “Preferences” option.

    Invert PDF Color
  • Make modifications in “Accessibility” menu page

    Choose option “Accessibility” in “Preferences” setting box, and tick “Replace Document Colors” to activate items below

    Invert PDF Color
  • Customize color schemes of text and background

    Choose “Custom Color”, and press the little color square after “Page Background” and “Document Text” separately to release color palette, choose 2 proper colors from the color palette to improve reading experience. After picking the colors of background and text, press “OK” to apply the changes.

    Invert PDF Color

    Well, it’s now quite moderate color scheme for reading.

    Invert PDF Color

Finally, please pay attention that such changes are not virtually editing, the PDF file doesn’t change its properties, which means that text and background color doesn’t change permanently, however, Adobe reader will remember your reading preferences, next time when you read this PDF file through Adobe reader, it will apply the same color scheme according to your reading preferences. If you open the PDF in other readers or editors again, the PDF file will turn back to its original color scheme how it used to be before you make that change.