PDF’s page number is often found disordered

Natural order of page number in PDF files usually doesn’t conform to the using habits. People may feel annoyed when it comes to the problem of arranging page numbers, because the page number generating naturally in PDF files often distinct from using habits or business practices. PDF usually starts to mark No.1 page from the very 1st page. Unless you would like to read a book with cover being the 1st page, you have to reorder the page number the way you are used to. Therefore reordering page numbers in PDF is a very common practice that many users would apply when they edit documents. With page numbers in right order, PDF document not only looks more professional but also becomes easier to read. Here we are glad to introduce 2 ways to achieve it.

Now, let’s get down to check how to insert page numbers in PDF files.

Insert Page Numbers into PDF Files

Insert page number to PDF files with VivPDF

Materials: A PDF document to be inserted proper page numbers

Tool: VivPDF is recommended

Download URL: PDF editor download

Insert Page Numbers into PDF Files
  • Launch VivPDF and upload the PDF document

    After you got VivPDF installed in your PC, please launch the program through the shortcut icon on the desktop, and open PDF file that needs to insert page number.

    Insert Page Numbers into PDF Files
  • Open the menu bar of page design

    Please choose “Pages” tab to activate the menu bar from the right side, and find “Header and Footer”, then press it to release the drop-down menu, and select “Add” option for the later process.

    Insert Page Numbers into PDF Files
  • Modify the properties of header and footer

    Well, it becomes a little tricky to modify the patterns of page number, please pay close attention to follow the instructions. Users could make settings of font properties, margins, page number positions. Or to press “Insert Page Number” and “Insert Date” to get page number and date inserted automatically.

    Insert Page Numbers into PDF Files

    And there are 2 specialized options to modify page number. Page number and date format helps user to decide how they like the page number and date to appear in the PDF file. Start page number is to decide from which page to begin adding page number.

    Insert Page Numbers into PDF Files

    Page Range Option also provides professional options for users to decide range of adding page number. And subset even entitles users to add page number only to even or odd pages.

    Insert Page Numbers into PDF Files

    There is another option helps users to modify page number’s appearance effect. Users could tick them to prevent page number and text overwriting each other and getting better appearing effect of page number in print mode.

    Insert Page Numbers into PDF Files
  • Save the change

    After all the settings are finished, you had pages added corresponding page numbers as you wish. Please always bear in mind to save files after any changes.

Add page number in PDF Documents with Adobe Acrobat.

When it comes to the issue about PDF documents, people usually think of Adobe, which is the most famous in the industry and very successful IT Company across the world.

Now let me introduce the way to add page numbers into your PDF document by Adobe Acrobat. First, start Adobe Acrobat XI pro and open the document you want to edit. Then select “Edit PDF” button and click the “Header & Footer” button. Set the format, position, etc., the way is similar to how you should do with VivPDF in the pop-up box, and then click on “OK” button to finish work.

Insert Page Numbers into PDF Files

Actually, Adobe provides excellent service for PDF users, accordingly, they also charge high in the industry. If you were willing to afford quite a high cost every month, you could choose acrobat for the advanced experience. However, you could also make a wiser choice to choose our product, not only our price lowers your expense, but also our simple and concise operation saves your time.

Our suggestion for your reference

We hope these 2 methods could help you a lot. The best choice you should make is to choose the most proper PDF editor with most suitable features and professional technical support but having best cost efficiency.