Beautiful text can improve PDF’s viewing experience

People nowadays often use PDF to deal with business materials, such as company files, financial balance sheets, policy documents and commercial demonstrations etc. The reason why people choose PDF not word to deal with these materials may be PDF is a more secured medium and provides smoother viewing mode across the devices. PDF is a beautiful platform to carry images and texts. Since the business materials basically consist of texts, images which facilitate clearer presentation, how text looks is very important. However, to edit text in PDF is a kind of trouble for many people, not mention how to make text look more beautiful. But here we would like to introduce a method for people who often deal with PDF documents to cope with such tricky problems.

Choose the right editing tool in the market

Since PDF editors on the market now basically charge fees ranging from tens to hundreds of USD for license, we’d like to introduce a relatively economical way to solve this problem. VivPDF is almost the simplest PDF editor on the market which still has powerful functionalities as other professional editors but only charge around 30% fees to realize all functions that you might need to cope with those tricky problems when dealing with PDF materials. You could download VivPDF from website: Anniesoft Official Website

Edit Text in PDF

How to edit text in PDF?

Material: PDF document

Tool: VivPDF (Recommended)

Download URL: PDF editor download

  • Load PDF document with VivPDF

    Open PDF document whose text needs to be modified with VivPDF through tab “File” and click option “Open”, and then choose the PDF file you wish to edit from the pop-up window.

    Edit Text in PDF
  • Select tab “Edit”, use function “Edit Text and Image”

    Click tab “Edit” on the top menu bar, then the sub menu will appear from the right side of the window. You can find “Edit Text & Image” under the title “Content Editing”. When you choose it, the text parts turn into editable.

    Edit Text in PDF
  • Select text and edit it

    Then select the text you wish to edit and choose different properties to modify the text from the sub menu “Format”, you can choose desire text font from the drop-down menu, change text color from palette and change text size etc.

    Edit Text in PDF

    You could also change text to bold, change paragraph patterns, cross the text and change a line of words to superscript.

    Edit Text in PDF
  • Save the changes

    Since you probably made many modifications to the different parts of text in PDF file, you should remember to save all these changes to the file, unless you would like all work you just did in vain.


It’s not that simple to edit text in PDF. Except professional functions help, it’s also key factor that editor users should have some aesthetic taste to make a harmonious PDF document. We will keep on concerning this area to share more good cases of editing text in PDF to PDF users in our upcoming articles.