It’s not easy to change text color in PDF document

When people deal with the paperwork in PDF documents, they often meet the situation that they have to change the color of the text in PDF document. This is very common practice for word or other text processors, but it’s a little tricky under the PDF documents context. Because PDF format is set to be not able to edit without authorization, and the purpose of PDF format is providing perfect on-screen viewing experience. So PDF doesn’t allow people without authorization to change any content optionally. Any change in PDF documents should be achieved with the help of professional software, or say, PDF editor.

Change Text Color

Change PDF text color with VivPDF

Before giving the tips of editing PDF documents’ color, I would like to introduce a software first, VivPDF, a PDF editor. It’s small but smart, and very simple to use. The biggest merit of using VivPDF to edit PDF files is that VivPDF helps you complete the task in a very cost-efficient way. The functionality of VivPDF was designed to be concise and straightforward, which would solve most of your problems as quickly as possible. You could try it for free from downloading at Anniesoft’s website.

Change Text Color

Material: PDF document with text color to be changed

Tool: VivPDF (Strongly Recommended)

Download URL: PDF editor download

  • Open PDF with VivPDF

    Open PDF document with VivPDF, choose tab “File” and press “Open” to select file from the prompt box.

    Change Text Color
  • Choose tab “Edit”

    Choose tab “Edit” at the top menu, and select “Edit Text & Image” from the submenu “Content Editing. After select “Edit Text & Image” all the content including text and images in the PDF file will turn into selectable status.

    Change Text Color
  • Pick up the text which needs to change color

    Drag mouse to select text which needs to change color, selected part will be highlighted.

    Change Text Color
  • Change the text color

    Press color square after the font size to release the palette, and then choose the color you wish to change from the palette.

    Change Text Color
  • Save the change

    After press the color you wish to change, selected text will be changed automatically, please save it if you’re satisfied with this color scheme before you close the program.

    Change Text Color

It’s very easy and quick operation, isn’t it? VivPDF has quite short learning curve to make every user of the PDF editor become skillful very soon. Besides it has almost all the functions that mainstream PDF editors have in the market. Today we only introduced a very basic use of VivPDF to edit PDF files. If you would like to know how to use VivPDF to fulfill a completed task, please keep paying attention to our subsequent articles coming soon.