Some operations may generate error pages in PDF document

The makeup of PDF documents are quite complicated, a PDF document designed to gain better viewing effects is probably transferred from other forms of documents. So, there may be some useless pages, such as blank pages, scanned the page with dirty spots or grayish pages. These flaws largely influence the reading experience in PDF documents. Therefore, it becomes quite necessary to delete useless pages from PDF document. How to achieve this simple function is a kind of imperative. Let’s see several ways to delete such pages in PDF document, anyone of which may suit your needs.

Delete Useless Pages in PDF

As for PDF document with few pages, we could delete these useless page by hand, whereas, as for PDF document with piles of pages, users must be in a great needs of a tool which facilitates them to delete these kinds of pages easily.

Actually, Adobe Company doesn’t release relevant function of deleting useless pages in batches. It’s probably because such function is not mature enough to define what kind of page should be deemed as useless, I suppose Adobe would add this function until it’s mature and could perfectly solve this problem. Well, back to the topic, let’s see how to delete useless pages in PDF document manually and in batches.

Delete useless pages in PDF manually

Let’s take Adobe Acrobat as an example to give instructions.

  • Open PDF with Adobe Acrobat

    Open Adobe Acrobat, upload the document where you would like to delete pages.

    Delete Useless Pages in PDF
  • Open the toolbar

    Then choose “Tools” in blue at the top right corner of the window. And click “Pages” to release the submenu.

    Delete Useless Pages in PDF
  • Make Deletion settings

    You could find “Delete” sub menu in the menu list, and click it to activate setting box.

    In the setting box, you could choose the page range to delete, fill the page number into blanks to designate beginning page and ending page, if you want to delete a current page, please fill the same number of the current page.

    Delete Useless Pages in PDF

    After that, press “OK” button to activate deleting process.

  • Save the file

    Now, you have the file useless pages deleted, and please save the file to keep this permanently.

    Delete Useless Pages in PDF

How to delete useless pages in PDF document in batches

There are some other editors on the market which facilitates users to delete useless pages in PDF document in batches. Let’s take another PDF editor-PDF Studio as an example.

  • Open PDF with PDFstudio

    Open PDF document in PDF Studio, and choose tab “Pages”, you will see the page menu opened beneath.

    Delete Useless Pages in PDF
  • Choose “Delete”

    Choose “Delete” option to activate setting box, you could decide which range of pages to be deleted

    Delete Useless Pages in PDF
  • Recognize useless page

    Click “pages” to release the drop-down menu, choose “Blank Pages” to recognize useless pages in the PDF file.

    Delete Useless Pages in PDF

    You could see “Analyze pages Tolerance” after you choosing “Blank Pages”, tick it and set the value of tolerance which indicates how much stain you could tolerate on the page. PDF studio could distinguish whether it’s useful or useless with this function.

    Delete Useless Pages in PDF
  • Batch delete

    Press “OK” to launch the batch deletion. However, as we introduced above, this function is not mature, you might have to check whether all the blank pages have been deleted or whether the useful pages also have been batch deleted mistakenly. It probably also need a lot of work when the document is relatively large.


Ok, let’s make a conclusion on this topic, there is no perfect solution for blank page deletion in PDF document. Please bear in mind each advantage and disadvantages and select method most suits you according to your situation.