Delete Pages from a PDF Document

There might be some blank pages or useless pages in a PDF document, how could we delete these blank pages from PDF document? Now let’s make a study on this issue. Usually, when we talk about any operation that will change PDF file’s status, we should utilize some special tool to edit the PDF, not the reader. However, there still be some methods to delete a page from pdf file without the help of a real editor.

How to remove blank pages from a PDF file without PDF editor

We can use Adobe Reader’s Printing function to help us remove the pages we don’t need. The specific measures we should take as follows.

  • Launch Adobe Reader

    Open your PDF file in Adobe Reader which could be downloaded from Adobe’s official website for free

    Delete a Page from a PDF File
  • Check the page number to be deleted

    Step 2. We can click small triangle along the left side of the window to release the reading assisting menu, and press thumbnail button to activate thumbnail function, and then confirm which pages to remove from the PDF file and remember the number.

    Delete a Page from a PDF Document
  • Input printing page numbers

    Now we should use printing function. Click “File” option in the main menu at the top, and select “Print” to call out the setting box. Tick “Pages” to designate which pages to remove, then input every page number that shouldn’t be removed.

    Delete a Page from a PDF File
  • Delete pages from PDF file with "Print" Function

    Then press “Print” to output the document, you will get a PDF file without the pages that you haven’t input in the box. And please remember to save it before you close the program.

How to Delete a Page from a PDF File?

This is the contingent method to remove the blank pages from PDF document when you don’t have PDF editors in hand. Sometimes it would be much tougher when PDF document consists of too many pages. Therefore, I will tell you a comparatively easier way to delete a page from a PDF file. However, this time we probably need a special tool to help us. We recommend using VivPDF because it’s very simple and small, it suits your needs and conditions most. Since you don’t need much time to learn how to use it or need lots of space to save it in your devices. It’s actually a slight but smart software to provide PDF solutions.

Document: PDF document where needs to delete a page

Download URL: PDF editor download

Anniesoft PDF Editor

  • Open VivPDF

    Open PDF document through VivPDF, and click “Pages” to release the submenu tool-bar. And you’d better confirm which pages to remove through the thumbnail prior to the action.

    Remove a Page from a PDF File
  • Delete a page from a PDF file

    Then select “delete” option at “Pages” submenu area. There will appear a simple setting box, please input the numbers of the pages that you want to delete from PDF file.

    Remove a Page from a PDF Document
  • Delete multiple pages from a pdf file

    If users need to delete multiple pages from a PDF file, they could use a comma to connect separate numbers and use dash to connect the beginning and end of successive numbers.

    Remove Pages from a PDF File
  • Complete deleting

    After confirming and inputting numbers, press “OK” to execute deletion, you will get a PDF file without the pages that you don’t need. Please always remember to save the file after making any changes.

    Delete Pages from a PDF File

Deleting or removing blank or useless pages from PDF document is a quite simple operation, but still bothers users to take some steps, we hope this passage could help you to deal with PDF document.