Convert PDF to Microsoft Word to better edit text content

One of the dramatic features of PDF files is that PDF doesn’t allow unauthorized users to modify the content. Microsoft Word as a most popular text processor is widely used in various kinds of areas. How to change files in PDF format to another editable format like Word annoys many users. If text takes over a large portion of the content in your PDF file, you may want to change PDF files to Word to process.

Convert PDF to Word

VivPDF is a convenient PDF editor able to convert PDF to Word

However, there are few tools on the internet could change PDF files to Microsoft Word. Today we would like to introduce you a software which could convert the PDF files to Microsoft word easily.

VivPDF is a small but convenient tool to meet most PDF editing needs. It’s only 14MB, which doesn’t need much space of your device. Besides, it’s compatible with most of the mainstream operating system in the market, and support 7 kinds of languages to guarantee the best user experience. And its core functions could meet most demands of PDF users. However, Conversion is extended function contained in the pro version. Well, let’s see how to change the PDF to word from getting VivPDF pro version to the converting operation.

1. Download and Installation

VivPDF is a samrt tool, every feature related is light and quick. You could find the software at Since VivPDF is quite small, it won’t take you much time to complete the step.

Convert PDF to Word

2. Registration

As we stated above, only VivPDF’s pro version contains converting function. So the next step is to purchase pro version license, which is much lower than the average price of the similar product in the market. Although Anniesoft Company provides a 1-year free license for the standard version, converting function doesn’t belong to this version. Only pro version has the function able to convert PDF files to other formats.

Convert PDF to Word

Convert PDF file to Word

Material: PDF document to be converted to Word

Tool: VivPDF (recommended)

Download URL: PDF editor download

  • launch VivPDF’s Pro version

    Now you got a pro version of VivPDF, which can complete an advanced PDF task including convert PDF to word. Run the software VivPDF, and upload the PDF document.

    Convert PDF to Word
  • Convert PDF document to Word

    Click “Convert” option to call out the drop-down menu, you will see 2 relevant options “To Word” and “To Word 97-2003”. Let’s take “To Word 97-2003” as an example.

    Convert PDF to Word

    Then, there will appear a pop-up window for users to choose a place to save the new Word document. Find a folder and click “Save” to start conversion progress.

    Convert PDF to Word
  • Check the Word document

    It will take few seconds to finish converting. Then the new Word document will be opened automatically. We should check it whether there is a mistake in spelling or layout, and make corresponding corrections, and save the Word file.

That’s all for today’s introduction. If you have any more questions concerning to PDF editing, please contact Anniesoft as soon as possible, or if you have any good suggestions, we appreciate your kind share.