Why do people covert image to PDF

PDF is quite safe and stable format for various presentations. Of course, both text and image are usual elements of presentation, and they also could be seen in the PDF document sometimes. Then here comes a problem, how could we convert image into PDF. Since PDF is focusing on document output and on-screen viewing, it’s self-adapted in different systems or various platforms. No matter how many times being transferred, PDF document doesn’t change content or layout. Furthermore, PDF format is secured and hard to edit, which keeps PDF file’s confidentiality. Thus PDF is perfect document format for business use worldwide. Even though out of business area, PDF has been used in politics, diplomatic, administrative, public areas etc. In a word, PDF is one of most popular software and often used across many fields in modern world.

What kind of image can be converted in to PDF? Maybe somebody bears such question in mind. I would tell you that through Microsoft Word, almost all of the types of images can be converted to PDF format, JPG, JPEG, PNG, BMP, TIF and GIF, you name it.

The procedures to convert image to PDF

Well, you have known the tool, the rest thing you should know is how to convert pictures to PDF by Microsoft Word. It’s quite easy to carry out this operation with Word, you never miss converting it if you follow our instructions below.

Materials: Image to be converted to PDF

Tool: Microsoft Word

  • Launch Word, Paste the image

    Launch Word, and copy the image that you would like to convert to PDF format, paste them into Word.

    Convert image to PDF
  • Modification

    You can paste any number of pictures as you wish, and resize them according to requirements.

    Convert Picture to PDF
  • Save

    Save the file as PDF format

    Convert image to PDF

It’s done, you have got pictures in PDF format, it’s very easy isn’t it? Anyone who has the basic knowledge of playing computer could easily follow the steps to complete the task.

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