PDF's direction is important for further editing

Many users may have experience in meeting some kinds of PDF which is not editable even with professional PDF editor tools because they cannot unify the direciton of PDF text. The problem may occurred when PDF document was generated in wrong direction. It’s supposed to be that the original PDF's direction had been wrongly edited before others tried to change its contents again without authorization. For example, the PDF had been created as a portrait model which makes all the texts in it vertical before PDF was rotated to be displayed in the horizontal model. In other words, PDF should be shown in landscape document whereas it was created in portrait document. Thus other users may meet text direction problems when they tried to edit this PDF again.

Let’s discuss how to figure out the problem through an actual experience one of our customer has.

Change the Text Direction in PDF File

The PDF he would like to edit had been created as we explained above, so every time he tried to input texts, the direction of new text always stands 90 degree different from existing ones, which annoyed him very much. So he turned to our technical support team, asking for solutions to change text direction. We told him to follow steps as follows.

Change the Text Direction in PDF File

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Take an example to explain how to change text direction in PDF document

We take a real example of our customer’s problem to explain this situation, so please pay attention to the instructions.

  • Screenshot text and image separately

    Open the PDF document you want to edit, and screenshot text area and picture separately. And save them as pictures.

    Text Screenshot

    Change the Text Direction in PDF File

    Picture Screenshot

    Change the Text Direction in PDF File
  • Create a new PDF page of landscape direction

    Then close the PDF, and create a new PDF file, a blank page, you might have to set the page direction as landscape. You can do all the settings at the pop-up window after you click the “Create Blank Document”

    Change the Text Direction in PDF File
  • Paste and recognize words on the picture of text

    Paste the picture of the text you just screenshot on the new PDF document, and save it. Then choose “OCR” to recognize all the characters in the picture of the text, you could see the pop-up window as below, you have to make settings here, select all the languages may appear in your text. In this case, we select Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional and English. After setting, click “OK” to change picture into editable text.

    Change the Text Direction in PDF File
  • Check the text manually

    You will get a text editable through process of OCR, but there may be some recognition mistakes in the text, we should correct them manually.

  • Paste the image and adjust positions

    Final step, add picture you just screenshot from original PDF into the new one, then adjust the position between picture and text, and then save it.

    Change the Text Direction in PDF File

That’s all for the solution to the PDF which is unable to edit or at least hard to edit smoothly. Hope our users could manipulate PDF materials skillfully with VivPDF editor, if you also meet some tricky problem related to PDF manipulation, please don’t hesitate to contact us, even if there is no exsiting solution, let’s discuss together to figure out all kinds of problems we may meet during our daily business work.