We can convert scanned PDF document to editable one with VivPDF

There is embarrassing situation when you need to edit some content in PDF file whereas it’s scanned version which is not editable by editors, not to mention PDF readers. Files scanned as PDF format turn into an integrated image whose content is not changeable anymore. It makes a lot of trouble for PDF users who deal with a big amount of business documents in PDF format every day. Perhaps you just want to correct a typo or even a comma in the whole page, but you have to retype the whole document first, that sounds very exhausting and ridiculous. Is there any better way to solve this problem? The way to turn the scanned PDF document editable one could be achieved by VivPDF-a simple and smart PDF editor which can help you tackle most problems you may meet with PDF documents.

Change Scanned PDF Editable

How to convert scanned PDF document to editable one

Material: Scanned PDF document

Tool: VivPDF

Download URL: PDF editor download

  • Open scanned PDF with VivPDF

    Open scanned PDF document which needs to be changed into editable one with VivPDF. VivPDF is a small but smart PDF editor, which can help you to achieve task quickly and easily.

    Change Scanned PDF Editable
  • Choose tab “OCR” to release the text recognition sub menu

    Choose tab “OCR” to release the sub menu “Text Recognition” from the right side, and find the option “In This File” under the title (there is also “In Multiple Files” option, but in this case, we choose “In This File”

    Change Scanned PDF Editable
  • Make recognition settings

    After clicking “In This File” option under the “Text Recognition” sub menu, a setting box appears for users to set properties of text recognition. 1. Choose which pages you would like to change into editable ones, tick to decide. 2. Select all the languages that might appear in the scanned PDF document, tick the square before them. 3. Then choose the output form, you should choose “Editable Text” to make it editable not only searchable one.

    Change Scanned PDF Editable
  • Convert and correct

    After finishing to make all the settings, press “OK” button to activate text recognition progress. It may take a few seconds, recognized document will be displayed in the editor page automatically. You should check whether there is any mistake in the document, because recognition may cause mistakes due to the clarity of the scanned PDF document or other uncontrollable reasons, so correcting misrecognition is a necessary procedure after text recognition. Please check it carefully if it’s an important PDF document.

    Change Scanned PDF Editable
  • Save

    Remember to save recognized PDF document unless you are willing to lose the working result.

    Change Scanned PDF Editable

It’s quite a tricky problem to pick out text from the image (we here assume scanned PDF document as an image) but Anniesoft still can provide an excellent solution. If you thought this passage would help, please try to solve your problems with VivPDF, and share us with your own experience.