A professional PDF editor could help you change the PDF background color

People may have needs to modify background color of document due to various reasons. Such as to make better presenting effect, to improve more comfortable reading experience or to make content clearer. Usually, we could edit the background features by built-in editor in the text reader such as Microsoft Office, RTF reader etc. But PDF is a kind of format needs users to edit only by professional editors. The PDF tool we usually use to view PDF files is only a PDF reader, which is often mistakenly assumed to be able to edit PDF files. Actually, it’s only able to browse content of PDF file. As for PDF editor, there are many kinds sold on the market ranging from Adobe DC to VivPDF classified by function and price. Today, I would like to introduce the way of changing PDF background color with an excellent PDF editor, VivPDF, which is a simple but smart PDF editor developed by many experienced IT engineers. Streamlined functions to satisfy the major needs of PDF users, VivPDF has gained vast of praise since it was released. Well, to make the story short, let’s see how to change PDF background color with VivPDF step by step.

How to change PDF background color with VivPDF

Material: PDF document that needs to change background color

Tool: VivPDF (Simple and smart PDF editor)

Download URL: PDF editor download

  • Download VivPDF and open PDF file with it

    Download VivPDF at Anniesoft’s website, you could either choose to buy Standard verison of Pro version of VivPDF, it’s a basic functions contained in both version of the software. And after installation, please open the PDF file which needs to change the background color with VivPDF.

    Change PDF Background Color
  • Choose “Pages” tab to find “Background” sub menu

    Choose “Pages” tab to release the tool bar from the right side of the window, and find “Background” option at the “Page Design” sub menu. Usually, we have to select “Add” option from the drop-down menu for the PDF file often has no background setting by default. If the PDF file which you like to make change has set the background before, you may have to select “Update” option to make further operations.

    Change PDF Background Color
  • Make settings

    After you select “Add” or “Update” option, there will appear a setting box for you to make change to the page design. Of course, including background color. Press square after “From color to release the palette, there are many standard color schemes available, if there are still no color scheme able to satisfy your requirements, you could choose “Other colors” to designate your own background color.

    Option “Opacity” in sub menu “Appearance” is another important feature of PDF background color, you could set the value by dragging the scroll bar or input it directly.

    All the modifications you make could be seen from the preview window at right side, please tick “Show Preview” selection.

    After all modifications have been done, press “OK” at the right bottom of the window to apply the changes.

    Change PDF Background Color
  • Save the changes

    After you made modifications, please remember to save them in the PDF file, otherwise the PDF file will turn back again when you close it.

    Change PDF Background Color

It’s very easy operation to change the PDF background color, and VivPDF is simpleset one among the mainstream PDF editors. Other PDF editors functions the similar way to achieve this target, please refer to the example of changing PDF background color with VivPDF introduction above. I hoep the passage help you a lot, and look forward to your feedback anything have to do with VivPDF or PDF editing problems.