Attaching files to a PDF document makes it professional

When people want to send a PDF file with lots of attachment, they could encrypt PDF file and attachment together and send the compression package to the receiver, or they also could attach all the files to the PDF document and send it as well.

How to attach files to a PDF document with Adobe reader

Attaching files to a PDF document is quite an easy operation which can be achieved without PDF editor. This is a good news for many PDF users, because most PDF editors on the market are charging software. Whereas, PDF reader, even Adobe Reader can be used for free.

Let’s take Adobe Reader as an example to introduce how to attach files to a PDF document.

  • Open PDF document with Adobe Reader

    Open PDF document with Adobe Reader, through “File” option or recent files shortcut.

    Attach Files into PDF
  • Release Comment tool bar

    Find “Comment” option in the side tool bar, click it to release comment tool bar on the top of the window.

    Attach Files into PDF

    Or you could click “Tools” tab on the top of the window and then choose “Comment” tool to unfold tools on the top of the window.

    Attach Files into PDF
  • Select function “Attach File”

    You could see a paperpin shaped icon at the tool bar of comment. Click it to release the drop-down menu, choose “Attach File”

    Attach Files into PDF
  • Choose position where you like to attach files

    When you click option “Attach Files”, cursor will turn to a big-head pin, mean that you should choose a place to attach the files.

    Attach Files into PDF
  • Make settings for attachment

    After you pick a file from your PC, you have right to make settings of the attachment. There are 5 different icons for users to choose to be shown on the PDF document and its color and opacity can also be modified according to your preferences.

    Attach Files into PDF

    General settings allow users to record all kinds of attachment’s information, including author’s name, subject and description etc.

    Attach Files into PDF
  • Open the attachment

    Now, you have successfully attached files to a PDF document. You could open the attachment through double clicking the icon. The first time you open it, you should choose whether to allow to open the attachment in your PC, once or always.

    Attach Files into PDF

    In sake of your PC’s safety, I recommend users open this file once to check whether this file is harmful to your system or hardware. If not, then you could choose “Always allow opening files of this type” the next time.

  • Save the change

    You should remember to save the change every time you make any modification to the PDF document.

    Attach Files into PDF

It is a very easy and quick operation to attach file to a PDF document. Although many PDF editors also could complete this task, attach files to PDF document through Adobe Reader is the lowest in expense among them all.