People need to make annotations on PDF like they do on Word

It’s quite common practice to make annotations on Word document for reviewing, proofreading or making remarks. Do you believe that it’s also common and easy practice to make annotations on PDF document as well? The answer is yes for sure. Now let’s see how to achieve this function by a PDF editor.

Annotate PDF

There would be many different kinds of PDF editors in the market, ranging from brand editor of big company to special types of editors newly developed on purpose to satisfy particular business needs. So it’s a little tricky for users to choose from them at the 1st time. Today, I would like to introduce how to make annotations on PDF document based on VivPDF, a small and smart PDF editor provided by Anniesoft Company.

How to make annotations on PDF with VivPDF

Material: PDF document

Tool: VivPDF (press here to download for free)

Download URL: PDF editor download

  • Open PDF with VivPDF

    Run VivPDF, and open PDF document which needs to make annotations.

    Annotate PDF
  • Click “Comment” tab and find “Annotations” sub menu

    Click “Comment” tab, and you can see a tool bar released from the right side. And you could find “Annotations” sub menu in the tool bar. There are many types of marks for you to make annotations.

    Annotate PDF
  • Make annotations as you need

    There are different types of annotations you could make according to your needs. You could easily tell the function through its icon. The yellow “T” highlights words in bright yellow color. T with green underline adds a green underline to text. T with a red line crossing the middle cross out words with red line. T with blue crossing line and small triangle replaces the text with content in the blue box. T with a small triangle at the right foot adds content in the purple box. Final text box adds a note to a designated area.

    Annotate PDF
  • Save the annotations you made to the PDF document

    Save the annotations you made to the PDF file. Please always remember to save the file when you made any change to it.

    Annotate PDF

Ok, it’s quite easy to make annotations to PDF document with VivPDF. Actually, the way of making annotations to the PDF file with VivPDF is similar to that of other PDF editors. I hope this small but convenient function would help you deal with document materials a lot. There are still many more tricks about PDF editor, please pay attention to our website: And if you have any question or fresh idea, please share with us as well.