What do we add header and footer for

It’s quite general practice for the business document being added with header and footer. Especially, when you want to send file to business partners. They not only provide more information but also proclaim the copyrights. Besides they could make the document look more professional.

The most common application of adding header and footer is numbering the pages. Others might be to leave organization name, contacts, address, and date. Furthermore, header and footer could also make entire page layout look more harmonious and pleasing to the reader’s eyes. In one word, adding header and footer are an advanced skill to make your PDF look better.

Function of adding header and footer (VivPDF’s example)

Well, let’s see how we could add various header and footer in PDF. Since there are many kinds of header and footer, the process of dealing with header and footer is a little tricky, but it’s definitely not difficult.

Materials: PDF document, content of header and footer

Tool: VivPDF (Recommended)

Download URL: PDF editor download

Before starting to introduce the procedures, let’s see what kinds of properties definable in the setting box of VivPDF’s function of adding header and footer.

Add Header and Footer to PDF

There are totally 6 positions provided for users to add header and footer, they are Left header, Center header, Right header, Left footer, Center footer and Right footer. You can input any text you want in each position box.

In the sub box of Font, you can set font properties, including font type, font size, and font color. Besides the Font Settings, you can set margin values in 4 directions.

There are other 2 buttons to add page numbers and date automatically. Before that, you should make settings at the page number and date format. There are date and number pattern options, and you can even designate the what beginning number to start from the first page.

Add Header and Footer to PDF

And finally, in the page range option, this function allows you to set from which page to start adding header and footer. And subset contains common kinds of page number distributing ways for users to select.

Add Header and Footer to PDF

It is quite a powerful function, isn’t it? But what about usage? That’s the next concerned issue which everyone would have after knowing the features of VivPDF’s function of adding header and footer in PDF file. Well, let’s introduce the way to add header and footer step by step.

The way to add header and footer to PDF with VivPDF

  • Open document and activate function

    Run VivPDF and load the document you want to edit from option “File” in the primary tool-bar at the top. Then choose the option “Pages” to call out the menu panel.

    Insert Header and Footer to PDF
  • Call out the setting box

    Select the option “Header and Footer” at the “Page Design” submenu, and choose “Add” to call out the Setting box of header and footer which we illustrated above.

    Insert Header and Footer into PDF
  • Make the settings

    Then make the settings according to your demands, and then press “OK” to finish the process.

    Insert Header and Footer into PDF
Final tips

That’s done. Now you have got a PDF document with beautiful headers and footers. We wish this passage would provide you some help to solve the problem you met in dealing with PDF files. If you have other questions, please contact Anniesoft’s support team.