People sometimes may feel difficult in converting PDF into Excel

Conversion between PDF and Excel

Excel is a powerful office software which has excellent ability to deal with data and forms, but it’s the common practice to present in PDF format due to PDF’s stable displaying quality. Well, there is an urgent appeal for a converter able to change between these 2 formats. However, it’s quite easy to save Excel forms as PDF format, how should we do to convert PDF into Excel when we received a form in PDF format if there are still some mistakes we have to correct? The straight way to solve this problem is to covert PDF form into Excel. Ordinary PDF reader may not be able to complete this task, we probably have to use the function of PDF editor.

Convert PDF into Excel with VivPDF

Material: PDF file needs to change into Excel (let’s take a balance sheet in PDF format as an example)

Tool: VivPDF (recommended PDF editor)

Download URL: PDF editor download

  • Open balance sheet with VivPDF

    Open the PDF’s balance sheet with VivPDF through “File” tab

    Conversion between PDF and Excel
  • Choose “Convert” tab

    Click “Convert” tab to release the drop-down menu, and choose “To Excel” to activate convert process. Please pay attention to the difference between “To Excel” and “To Excel 97-2003”, there are 2 different version of Excel, they may not be compatible with each other, so please choose the right version based on requirements.

    Conversion between PDF and Excel
  • Activate conversion process

    After confirming Excel version, select “To Excel” or “To Excel 97-2003” to activate conversion process. There will appear a pop-up window for users to choose which folder to save the new excel file, and press “Save” to begin the progress. Program will start to convert automatically, and open the converted excel file by default.

    Conversion between PDF and Excel

    You will get a new excel form converted from PDF document. You probably need to check the content or forms of converted file whether there are any mistakes.

Brief introduction to converting excel to PDF

Now, the adverse operation of converting PDF to excel is much easier, I would like to make a brief introduction for readers here, too.

Materials: Excel forms which need to change into PDF format

Tool: Microsoft Excel

  • Open file with Excel

    First, you should open balance sheet with Microsoft Excel which needs to be changed into PDF format.

    Conversion between PDF and Excel
  • Check content and select area

    Check the content, and select which area should be converted to PDF document, selected area will turn to grey color.

    Conversion between PDF and Excel
  • Make settings of conversion

    Select what range should be converted to PDF. Users could change entire Excel to PDF, change active sheets to PDF or only selected area to PDF file. Every conversion effect could be checked by preview box by the right side.

    Conversion between PDF and Excel
  • Save the PDF in the proper folder

    After making settings, press “Print” button to call out the pop-up window to choose which folder you would put the new PDF file in. After designating the saving folder, press save to start conversion

    Conversion between PDF and Excel

    After few seconds waiting, you will get a new PDF file converted from Excel in the folder you designated. PDF file will be opened automatically, please check the content if there is any mistake to correct.


Ok, actually, there is another faster method to convert Excel to PDF, for that Microsoft Excel added converting function to PDF format in “Save As” menu list for users save the Excel file directly as a PDF file, however, it can only change the entire Excel to PDF. Please consider your needs before choosing to use any method introduced above.