PDF Users need to deal with images in PDF document

PDF document usually contains text and image. Text is used to state or explain in words, image is used to illustrate or express idea visually often as the most common compliment of text. So many people might encounter the problem of how to edit images in PDF. Generally speaking, editing images is not the expert of PDF editor, but we can still apply some functions through ordinary PDF editors

Edit images with PDF editor

Materials: PDF document, image to be edited

Tool: VivPDF (a smart PDF editor strongly recommended)

Download URL: PDF editor download

  • Run VivPDF and upload the PDF file

    Run VivPDF, and upload the PDF file through “Open” option under “File” tab, or simply open file which has been opened by VivPDF before through quick entrance

    Edit Images in PDF Document
  • Activate Edit tool bar

    Press “Edit” tab to activate editing sub menu from the right side, click “Add Image” to add image to PDF document. Or if the PDF document already has image to be edited, users could simply press “Edit Text & Images” to activate image editing function.

    Edit Images in PDF Document
  • Edit image

    Users could shift the image to the right place by dragging the arrow shaped cross.

    Edit Images in PDF Document

    Resize the image by placing the cursor on the edges or corners of the image, put the cursor on any of the four edges to adjust the length from either direction of the image, put the cursor on any of the four corners to adjust the image size with proportion unchanged.

    Edit Images in PDF Document

    There are still more functions can be invoked by right-click on the image, such as

    Cut: remove the images from the main window and keep it in the clipboard temporarily.

    Copy: Save it in the clipboard for use of following actions such as paste

    Paste: Stick the images from clipboard to the current page

    Delete: Remove the images

    Select All: Select all things within images area

    Deselect All: Reverse action of Select All

    Replace Image: Substitute new image for existing ones

    Flip Horizontal or Flip Vertical: Turn the images horizontally or vertically

    Rotate clockwise or counterclockwise: Rotate images from either different direction

    Bring to Front: Bring images above the page layer

    Send Back: Put images under the page layer

    Edit Images in PDF Document
  • Save

    After you finish modifying image, remember to save the PDF file to keep the change you made to the image in PDF.

    Edit Images in PDF Document

I suppose the passage introducing a quite useful tip to edit image in PDF files. The instruction is easy to follow, and the simple modification you made to image could make the whole PDF document look more professional and attractive. Ok, that’s all for the introduction. If you have any question about PDF editing please refer to another passage giving the lesson of how to edit PDF in Windows 10.