Adding Text Watermarks on PDF Documents

In order to protect privacy or business authenticity or demonstrate certifications, sometimes PDF users have to add text watermarks on PDF file. The text is usually personal signature or company's manifesto or motto.

Materials: PDF document

Tool: VivPDF(recommended)

Download URL: PDF editor download

Registration: Acquire Free Registration Code

  • Run VivPDF and load the file

    Run VivPDF editor, upload the document you want to add watermarks on.

    Add Text Watermark on PDF Document
  • Activate watermark setting box

    Click "Pages" to call out sub menu tool bar from right side, and select "Watermark" option, then click "Add" in the dropdown menu.

    Add Text Watermark on PDF File
  • Input text as watermark

    Now we can see the setting box, we could type text content as we like, and make various modifications to the text as watermark, such as font, size, color and underline or not. In order to insert a beautiful watermark on PDF file, please be patient to make font settings.

    Insert Text Watermark on PDF Document
  • Modifications

    We could also change options in "Appearance" area, such as rotate the watermark to different angles, make watermark transparent to different extent, enlarge or shrink the watermark relatively to the target PDF file. I would like to remind users that slightly tilting the font by rotating the watermark could make watermark look more professional.

    Add Text Watermark on PDF Document

    Place the watermark in different layers either above or below the page. And you could also modify the Appearance options by clicking link at the bottom of the box. To insert watermark into different layer of PDF could get different viewing effect.

    Insert Text Watermark on PDF File
  • Positioning

    You could shift watermark to the place you like by modify in position box. Input length values in 2 directions to shift watermark to a certain position. Then, you should designate which page to apply the watermark, click "Page Range Options" to make your settings. Please remember to tick "Show Preview" to check the watermark effect at the right of window.>

    Add Text Watermark on PDF File
  • Save file

    Always remember to save your changes before you close the program, otherwise inserted watermark and all the modifications you made to the watermark will be abandoned when you close the editor.

    Add Text Watermark on PDF Document
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