Adding Company Logo to Every Page of PDF File by Watermark Function

There is another useful application of inserting watermark to PDF document. As a business document, it's often needed to add a company logo to every page of the document. It's unimaginable to add a company logo to every page one by one, because the business material is easy to reach hundreds or even thousands of pages, the work is too tough to complete by hand. Thus we could use inserting watermark to help us add a company logo to every page of business material. Let's see how to complete the task through VivPDF.

Materials: PDF document, a company logo image to be added as watermark

Tool: VivPDF(recommended)

Download URL: PDF editor download

Registration: Acquire Free Registration Code

  • Run VivPDF and load business material.

    Run VivPDF editor, upload the business material you want to add watermark on as company logo.

    Add Image Watermark on PDF Document
  • Activate watermark editing box.

    Click "Pages" to call out sub menu tool bar from right side, and select "Watermark" option, then click "Add" in the dropdown menu. Then the option box of adding watermark appears.

    Insert Image Watermark on PDF Document
  • Modifications.

    Now we can see the setting box, we should tick "File" in the "Source" area, and press "Browse" button to choose the image to be inserted as company logo from the local. And adjust watermark image size to fit the target PDF file by inputting percentage value of "Absolute Scale". Please be aware that "Absolute Scale" could only be modified when "Scale relative to target page" in the "Appearance" area is unticked. Usually we make the image to be added as watermark smaller and put it in the corner of the document, let's keep going ahead.

    Add Text Watermark on PDF Document

    We could also change options in "Appearance" area, such as rotate the image to different angles, modify image's opacity and enlarge or shrink image according to company logo's requirements. Adding watermark as company logo needs a little more patience.

    Add Text Watermark on PDF Document

    Place the watermark image in different layers either above or below the target PDF page. And you could also modify the Appearance options by clicking link at the bottom of the box which control when and how the watermark image as company logo appears in different situations. To insert watermark into different layer of PDF could get different viewing effect.

    Insert Text Watermark on PDF File
  • Positioning

    We could shift watermark image to the place company logo should be by modify in position box. Input length values in 2 directions to shift watermark to a certain position. Then, you also should designate which page should apply company logo, click "Page Range Options" to make your settings. Please remember to tick "Show Preview" to check the company logo's effect added as watermark at the right of window.

    Add Text Watermark on PDF File
  • Save business material

    After making all changes you need, you will get a beautiful logo at the required position in the right pages. Press "OK" to apply modifications. And remember save the file before close the program. If you want to remain former business document, please use "Save as" option to help you save the new business document inserted with company logo elsewhere.

    Add Text Watermark on PDF Document
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